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Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Twilight Mania

Twilight was introduced to me by an office friend. It just happened. She just happened to carry the book, I just happened to ask about it and she just happened to let me borrow it. So, I read it and wouldn't stop reading it until two days later, I'm hooked to Twilight. I don't know how I got drawn to the book. At first, I actually thought of it as simple. I thought if it only takes this kind of creativity to write a bestseller, then I think I can write a bestseller too.

Why was I drawn to the book?

I'm a sucker for fairy tales. My idea of Mr. Right-for-me was (I gave up on this idea to save myself from constant disappointment) influenced by fairy tales, Shakespeare and Jane Austen's novels. Mr. Right-for-me should be a prince or rich, a gentleman and beautiful. So much like Edward Cullen. I always wondered how Mr. Right-for-me could exist in this time. Isn't Meyer brilliant? She provided me with an answer. But of course, there had to be a drawback...he had to be vampire.

Still, why was I drawn to the book?

It's so strange, but I always imagined being stalked by a vampire when I was in college. I used to go to a university located at the foot of a mountain where there were lots of trees (of course). Hmmm...maybe Meyer and I are on the same wavelength. I was fascinated by vampires. The book may have rekindled that fascination. You see, when I was in college, I was kind of like Bella Swan. I had a deathwish of a vampire killing me or when I'm feeling romantic, falling in love with me. But, that was years ago.

So, why was I drawn to the book?

Well, I guess it wasn't the book exactly but the story that leapt out of it. What the book lack in details, you just have to make up for in your imagination. A fantasy love story. Yeah...I'm imaginative enough for that. For me, it's a modern day fairy tale with a damsel in distress and a knight in shining armor (only he's a vampire) with Edward Cullen as the vampire I was imagining when I was in college and the knight in shining armor I was dreaming of when I was reading Judith McNaught. So I'll follow his love story because he loves Bella Swan so much just as I imagined my Mr. Right-for-me should be doing.

I Gave in to Twilight

I just saw Twilight, the movie, today. I was supposed to watch it with Noel, but he had to be with his dad who's still in the hospital. I got disappointed and I hate myself for feeling that way. It wasn't his fault. It's nobody's fault. It's just that it's shaken my equilibrium. Dunno why exactly. Maybe because I've already pictured myself watching the movie with him or maybe because I just finished reading Breaking Dawn last night (well more like earlier today - my eyes wouldn't stop reading until "the end") and I had this unstoppable urge to see the movie or maybe it's because I've been waiting for it since the 21st of this month. Anyway, Noel promised to watch the movie with me this Saturday (I'm not crossing my fingers on that one). But, I'm just so human and so weak so I gave in to the urge of watching the myself and I'm glad I did.

Good thing about movie reviews is that you can set your expectation level based on them. I read the reviews for Twilight (film) so I didn't expect much. Still, I was hopeful. It turned out to be okay and I guess that's the problem. I was really hoping or wishing it to be good. I don't know what the reviewers meant when they said "faithful adaptation" of the book. It was a good adaptation, but not faithful. The first kiss (as it was portrayed in the movie) for instance was not done in Bella's room. Anyway, the scriptwriter and the director were brilliant. If it weren't for these seemingly little things they overlooked, I might've considered the movie great. They were glaring to me. I read 4 books and nowhere there can I remember Edward Cullen having stubbles or being sweaty (in some scenes). And, I wish they did something to the camera so that the vampire faces wouldn't be too cakey.

Kristen Stewart played Bella so well. I couldn't have hoped for a better actress for this character. Wow! Alice was so likeable like in the book. Rosalie was not really the most beautiful woman in the world in the movie but yeah she was hostile to Bella. I guess Pattinson would do a better job on the next movie. Anyhow, I guess I'll be looking forward to that.